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Renewable Solar Inverter Solution
Solar Energy System For Your Business & Home
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About Us

Tuyosnet Innovations was established to help Small Medium Enterprises (SMEs) to grow their business and to enhance their online visibility. Our focus is to utilize the power of renewable energy as an alternative power solution in providing sustainable and acceptable energy for Nigerians using solar inverter technology. We are professionals who deal with all kinds of installation of inverter and solar panel.

We also sell and maintain solar inverters. If you already have a solar inverter, we can help you keep it running smoothly. And if you’re looking to learn more about solar inverters, we offer training courses.

Tuyosnet Innovations is the premier solar energy company in the region. We offer a wide range of services, and we’re committed to providing our customers with the best possible solar experience.

Our Ultimate Services

We're committed to providing our customers with the best possible solar experience

Solar For Home

We’ll ensure seamless home installation, enabling you to tap into the sun’s immense power.

Solar For Borehole Pumping

Our solar borehole installations provide a consistent supply of fresh water without relying on conventional energy sources.

Solar For Street Lights

We install solar street lights, which will liven up your community while lowering carbon emissions.

Solar Inverter Sales & Maintenance

We have a variety of solar inverters available, such as our 1.5kva, 3.5kva, and 5kva models.

Solar Inverter Training

We train you to obtain the required information and abilities you need to become self-sufficient in terms of energy.

Solar For Company

We install solar and inverter to corporate organizations for smooth and effective running of their business.

Why Choose Us?

Quality You Can Count On: Top-Tier Inverters for Your Solar System

Trustworthy & Reliable

We have solid reputation for being trustworthy and dependable.

Finest Caliber

All of the solar products we utilize are of the finest caliber.

Wide Range Of Services

We provide a comprehensive range of services.

Best Service

The best service is something we are dedicated to providing to our clients.

Our Unique Packages

Complete Inverter Packages for Seamless Solar Installation

Emerald Package

Orchid Package

Platinum Package

Sapphire Package

Sunflower Package

Tulip Package

Our Amazing Project

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